Everything Wrong With Speed Racer in 19 Minutes or Less 

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Speed Racer is beloved by some, derided by others. So we put the sin hat on and went digging.
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Apr 13, 2021




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smug 4 hours ago
Until this review, I had completely forgotten that Spritle and Chim Chim were even in this movie. Amnesia born of cringe
pixel chicken
Just re-watched this film the night before my driving test... I Hope I pass!
Pazuzu Deamon
Pazuzu Deamon 2 days ago
CinemaSins this movie is base off an anime
Bryson Griffin
Bryson Griffin 3 days ago
Ok first of all when pops said they don’t really don’t. The Mach 6 is meant for only track races. The Mach 5 is way to modified to be use for the Grand Prix. If speed used the Mach 5 he would’ve got disqualified instantly.
Abi Akbar
Abi Akbar 4 days ago
The amount of masking in the montage part is just so annoying lmao
MajinJoker87 4 days ago
I unfortunately saw this in theaters and walked out after an hour. Why one hour later ? I fell asleep 15 minutes into the movie. When I woke up some people were fighting and I pulled a Peter griffin threw my hands up and yelled done.
Al Brown
Al Brown 6 days ago
5:24 How did Lewis Prothero from V for Vendetta get in this movie? 9:55 Maybe it's this movie's version of Truck Nuts? He's got Balls of Steel. 11:57 Snakes...why'd it have to be snakes?
Mark Orahoske
Mark Orahoske 6 days ago
135 minutes?!?! wtf? jesus it takes 2 seconds of watching this, that's this is a piece of shit cash grab movie....come on.
Phoenix 6 days ago
This is a terrible review
Sillan69 6 days ago
I almost forgot this was my favourite movie when i was like -5
😂😂😂Aw it’s so bad, I really loved this as a kid... probably because I had undiagnosed ADHD, omg this did not age well but I still love it and will not watch it again unless I am drunk outta my mind
Josip Pejic
Josip Pejic 7 days ago
I watched this movie a solid 20 times as a kid and had no fucking clue what was going on
justalpha101 9 days ago
One of my childhood movies lol
NitSUj 9 days ago
Use to love this movie as a kid. Thank you for showing me how bad it actually was
Taylore Walters
Taylore Walters 10 days ago
i have & will always say this movie is criminally underrated. it's nice to see other people think so as well.
Ray_Tracing_Seal 11 days ago
I can't watch this movie, it's just too stupid for me
Teacup Boi
Teacup Boi 11 days ago
Forgetful Sloth
Forgetful Sloth 11 days ago
Everything in this movie is cringe and full of mistakes.
dead ronin47
dead ronin47 12 days ago
The cartoon is way better
Sarmad Abrar
Sarmad Abrar 12 days ago
I don't think their is anything wrong with this movie and as a kid I really enjoyed it and I was 6 when I first watched this movie back in 2008 and I loved it but I think that this movie is for children or teenagers and not for adults.
Rowena 13 days ago
It's the 50s idea of the future. It's the Jetsons. It is weird as hell. And its essence is perfectly captured by this movie.
Potato RNG
Potato RNG 13 days ago
This movie emits STRONG Sharkboy and Lavagirl vibes with the visuals!
KingCosworth 13 days ago
Trixy kicks ass at all the things - OnlyFans edition Sold!
alex miranda
alex miranda 14 days ago
8:58 Is that racecar RB Swapped? It sounds alot like the R34 from 2 Fast 2 Furious
dan hemmerling
dan hemmerling 14 days ago
Is this really a movie? Really? This short gave me a headache. This looks pure awful.
DaxterTheFox 14 days ago
This movie is masterpiece ❤️
Hokaeda 14 days ago
havent been on this channel since like freshman year of highschool, time to binge again
FutureWolf 07
FutureWolf 07 14 days ago
I feel as if there's gonna be a lot of criticism about your choice CinemaSins
Geneva 15 days ago
PLEASE do Premonition next. PLEASE. There is so much wrong with it and nobody has tackled it before! The Sandra Bullock movie
Joel 15 days ago
Oh no.... U DID NOT do this movie!!! Past the line sir back up!!
Rocket Man TV
Rocket Man TV 15 days ago
I'm 20 years old and this is still my favorite movie. The ending gives me goosebumps
xYsoCereal 16 days ago
cant wait for thebirdman to rip up this one...jeremy got so much shit wrong in this it's painful. and i was genuinely trying to see what mistakes the movie made and i can only agree with maybe like two of the sins in this
JOJO 17 days ago
My childhood
GEN 2 MEDIA INC. 17 days ago
Just FYI, Speed needed another car because the Mach Five wasn’t the right design for the track of the new races. The new Mach Six is a T-180, which is a fancy unrealistic design with magic extra turning wheels that let it do insane shit and stay on the newer and more treacherous T-180 race tracks. So he didn’t need a new car because of issues with the old one, he just couldn’t use his old car with the new track.
RydiaLS83 17 days ago
I felt like, I just was watching a very bad Mario Kart live action movie about rainbow road x.x;
Natsu Dragneel
Natsu Dragneel 17 days ago
I remember this movie
Neeina N
Neeina N 18 days ago
This looks like spykids
Ron Austin
Ron Austin 18 days ago
"It's almost worse than the NBA"~ Ayesha Curry 2016
leo The Black Mexican
0:36 roll credits
oWcHi アーティスト
Seyi Otunla
Seyi Otunla 18 days ago
Omg the Requiem for A Dream reference 😭😭 Do that movie next!
Iron-man 997
Iron-man 997 18 days ago
3:05 Spee D. Racer
Gavin Smyth
Gavin Smyth 19 days ago
This man keeps ruining my favorite movies yet I still keep watching him😂
michael hipp
michael hipp 19 days ago
Can we address the fact that US-first thinks this movie is American satan despite displaying as speed Racer
Daniel Harrison
Daniel Harrison 19 days ago
Add one to the sin counter for CinemaSins 17:12
Alex Cordero
Alex Cordero 19 days ago
15:48 the have 2 cars in the beginning of the movie the mach 5 and the mach 6 he means the mach 6 is the only car they had that can drive on the grand prix track I don't think the mach 5 can drive on that track
Jason 2.J.Z
Jason 2.J.Z 19 days ago
“Ahh that’s so sweet “...DING!
Persondy - T
Persondy - T 19 days ago
At 10:00 I was like, “holy shit this is only halfway through?!” One more sin
Rc Clips
Rc Clips 19 days ago
17:12 but cinema sins there’s a plastic bubble right there.
Connor Macewen
Connor Macewen 19 days ago
Speed Racer, the first and only movie I have ever watched in IMAX "Thank God I didn't watch this ******* thing in an IMAX theater"
AxConnorGames 19 days ago
Yes my favourite movie American Satan
Gillian Orley
Gillian Orley 20 days ago
1:27 Because of this movie, I failed my driving test. Bastards!
Gillian Orley
Gillian Orley 20 days ago
0:18 Question 27 is even weirder.
Gillian Orley
Gillian Orley 20 days ago
0:18 This movie was WAY ahead of its time in foreseeing that children would be taught that 2+2=5 and saying that’s wrong is White Supremacist. Therefore, 2X8=15 More specifically, if Jeremy has 8 hats and Raye has twice as many hats, OBVIOUSLY, nobody should have so many hats when others have fewer hats, so one hat is to be taken from Raye and given to someone with no hats and if Raye complains, then ALL of his hats will be taken because he won’t need any hats where he is going.
Dolfan 2
Dolfan 2 20 days ago
US-first says this movie is rated R and is named American Satan. Interesting.
Dixie Thunder 01
Dixie Thunder 01 20 days ago
I don’t care what they say, I still love this movie! I’m entitled to my own opinion!
Astro Wolvez
Astro Wolvez 20 days ago
I never saw this, but this came out when I was in fifth grade and during exams and the last few weeks of schools the walls were decorated with this saying stuff like race to the end!
Astro Wolvez
Astro Wolvez 20 days ago
Jesus christ the saturation.
Lord Vipr
Lord Vipr 20 days ago
16:43 You dont make friends with salad, you dont make friends with salad
Hannah Ganske
Hannah Ganske 21 day ago
Speed racer was my favorite movie as a kid, I'm so glad I didn't see this movie.
Swavii 21 day ago
2:20 Well hot damn, I didn't know Morshu made a cameo in Speed Racer!
Puky 507
Puky 507 21 day ago
Now we need the opposite, everything right with this movie
Mercedes Griffin
Mercedes Griffin 21 day ago
The ONLY thing wrong with this movie is the fact that we didn’t get to see the whole race at the Fuji Helexicon.
UNCLE SAM 22 days ago
How dare you touch speed racer
No. Just no.
No. Just no. 22 days ago
Oh my god this movie was my childhood movie. And now there is this video made on it. Good memories made better lmao
Erin Hines
Erin Hines 22 days ago
I remember seeing this in theaters when I was little, I got scared by the Parawa scene & sad that Rex never returned to his family
Brian 22 days ago
Idc about how ridiculous the movie is. That final race gives me goosebumps .. everytime. Flawless
John Berger
John Berger 22 days ago
John Goodman's worse movie
Gossiper Zoroark
Gossiper Zoroark 23 days ago
Them scene transitions.
Grim Noob
Grim Noob 23 days ago
To be honest, I never realise that it was such CGI, I seen it last as kid, and absolutly loved it. And still I think, that in many ways it is great
k c
k c 23 days ago
The cartoon I loved. This ain't that.
Namey Lessone
Namey Lessone 23 days ago
I may have missed it, but when they called Speed Racer's name in the beginning, I didn't hear a "Roll Credits".
Valerio Pastore
Valerio Pastore 23 days ago
Also, this movie was hepileptics' hell!
THATGUY 23 days ago
I rewatched this many times and played the PS2 game...
Justin Champion
Justin Champion 24 days ago
The video game based on this movie was batter than the actual movie.
eshswam 24 days ago
You know what's sad? Matthew Fox isnt acting anymore and he is such a good actor..
Negative Zer0
Negative Zer0 24 days ago
I’m glad they didn’t make Speed evil in the movie. In the show, he was pure evil.
Negative Zer0
Negative Zer0 24 days ago
I honestly loved this movie
Nester665 24 days ago
All I remember from this movie was acid and waking up in a field about 30 miles from the theater wondering why the lights wouldn't stop spinning then exploding. I don't remember a god damn thing other than every time I see the "effects" I get this uncontrollably power need to flee.
Teddy Pelzl
Teddy Pelzl 24 days ago
The animated series is like Justice League (animated series) aka the cartoon was way better than the move
Farbarbalu 25 days ago
I remember watching this when I was a kid and I found it really confusing in some parts. Revisiting it now is even more confusing.
Luke Emberson
Luke Emberson 25 days ago
You missed a sin for discount Tim Curry villain.
ForceMaximus84 25 days ago
If Emile Hirsch actually tried to pretend to care and the car races had some stakes, the movie would’ve been awesome. As is, it’s a decent distraction.
BonierRope 25 days ago
The day before this came out my gf and I watched this movie on acid. So much crazier!
Radio Merkurs
Radio Merkurs 25 days ago
Happy Savage
Happy Savage 25 days ago
Thank you, for sining the HeLl out of this thing, called a movie. I saw many errors. And so did you. And you pointed out more, than I originally thought out. Thank you, Cinema Sins.
owen sturman
owen sturman 26 days ago
This is one of those movies you can poke all kinds of holes in if u want but you should just sit back and enjoy it 😂😂
Bobby Brown
Bobby Brown 26 days ago
I had no idea this movie was so bad. I’ve never seen it.
The Brick Lot
The Brick Lot 26 days ago
idc if "it embraces anime". it's a trash acid trip movie that is very dumb and hard to follow.
Why is the Speed Racer movie called “American Satan” under this video?
Yami Izayoi
Yami Izayoi 26 days ago
I remember my brother saw this movie 24/7, omg.
Juwan Goodridge
Juwan Goodridge 26 days ago
There's literally no reason for you to be roasting my beloved like this
Contraband 26 days ago
0:24 Also the setup says Raye and the question says Ray. So I guess Ray could have however the fuck many hats you want.
smilus joel
smilus joel 26 days ago
I love the commentary: his frustration of a live action anime is awesome!!
smilus joel
smilus joel 26 days ago
The first fictitious CS video; this movie was sinless.
Jonathan Meisel
Jonathan Meisel 26 days ago
I need to watch this again, honestly love the hell out of it.
Colton Taylor
Colton Taylor 26 days ago
The fact that this video exists is upsetting, so just make a cinema wins for this movie and we'll call it even
ましマロ 26 days ago
I wish I had forgotten how obnoxious it was to look at this movie.
Brother J. Love
Brother J. Love 26 days ago
I will never watch this movie! It puts the cartoon (which is a classic) to shame! UGH!
Window-Waker {Slommanoi}