Everything Wrong With The Hunchback of Notre Dame in 15 Minutes or Less 

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The Hunchback of Notre Dame is an animated Disney film based on a classic piece of literature. And the movie's just okay. It's kind of a mess, really. And DAMN does it have sins! So we counted them.
Next week: Mid-2000's musical, mid-2000's romance.
Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie's sins should we count next?
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Feb 4, 2021




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Giraffe Queen 94
Giraffe Queen 94 2 hours ago
Also, I always assumed the gargoyles and props were his imagination. He's been in isolation all his life, so it would make sense
Giraffe Queen 94
Giraffe Queen 94 2 hours ago
This was and still is my favorite movie....always loved it
boishroom 11 hours ago
Dylan 20 hours ago
"The music in this movie sucks" Me: us-first.info/player/video/rN-ifHlrY2aehWg.html
M M Day ago
The music was amazing. Saying otherwise is like 100 sins
StormJetsu official
Nearly a decade of activity and they are still counting sins I'm surprised that doesn't count as a win
Meu nome é Lucas
5:30 Childhood ruined in 3...2...1
James Saculla
James Saculla 3 days ago
I think its pretty cool how he starting saying Romani instead of the slur. It's always refreshing to know that they take that stuff seriously
I LOVE the gargoyles in this movie, but I agree, I didn't like the gargoyle song either. Loved the other songs, though.
Blobbert Mcblob
Blobbert Mcblob 4 days ago
In the original story, Esmerelda dies and Quasi basically lays around with her corpse until he dies of either dehydration or depression =D
Mikey Buchholz
Mikey Buchholz 4 days ago
The fact that the sin count didn't go to like negative one thousand at that badass animation where lightning strikes while Clopin and the Arch Deacon both raise their hands and bellow "STOP!!" simultaneously is atrocious. That shit is incredible. That whole opening sequence is fucking incredible. This movie is incredible.
Red 7 days ago
Cinemasins: says the music is bad and doesn't get any meaning of anything Everyone: and I took that personally Also about the pouring rain thing, he's never been in southern usa
Ellerbrook Schmitz
when he roasts trolls: yes more!!! when he roasts kung fu panda: that's a little uncalled for when he roasts the hunchback of notre dame: YOU WANNA DANCE B*TCH
ZNyaTurretZ 8 days ago
"the music sucks" me: excuse me i have some objections cinemasins: this is the 27th floor
Nishat Zaman
Nishat Zaman 9 days ago
at 4:02 look carefully what the hell is belle from beauty and the beast doing there?
BigKitten ASMR
BigKitten ASMR 9 days ago
Esmeralda is kinda bad
Newdy Kung
Newdy Kung 10 days ago
Other than people in this comment section going on over "Music in this movie suck" Did I just hear Windows 10 sound in background lol 1:06
Luci a fucking satanic gay goose
Cinema sins: *makes a video about this film* Me: I'LL THROW HANDS IF I HAVE TO
Tim Marinin
Tim Marinin 11 days ago
"Can blink like Jeannie" heh
“The music in this movie sucks” Disliked and unsubscribed.
Pyro Kujo
Pyro Kujo 14 days ago
"The music in this movie sucks" *_Listen here you little shit_*
Hiroshi Mishima
Hiroshi Mishima 15 days ago
It saddens me that people are getting whipped into a frenzy over the music comment. There's been plenty of better Disney songs out there, and even if this movie had excellent music it doesn't change the fact it's wasted on a horribly botched retelling of an extremely dark story as a children's movie. I remember seeing this in the theater and being really unimpressed after amazing films like Aladdin or Fievel Goes West.
Arabella Stringer
Arabella Stringer 15 days ago
cool vids
cool vids 15 days ago
Poor Quasi😢
George Oldsterd
George Oldsterd 16 days ago
Wasn't Esmeralda not an ethnic -gypsy- Romani? *DING?*
TheBlueDanYube 17 days ago
14:01 Bullsh*t.
Jeanne R
Jeanne R 18 days ago
The ending of the movie is perhaps dumb in your opinion, but then would you have preferred the original ending, with everyone dying and Quasimodo taking Esmeralda's body and take it to a catacomb so he could die near her rotting form, after maybe doing some stuff? I'm sure the children wouldn't have liked it, so instead, we got people being slightly stupid and forgetting they threw veggies at the hero. Fine by me I'd say.
zzyx xyzz
zzyx xyzz 20 days ago
Dunk The Monk is my favourite spicy Albanian cola drink.
Dizzy Panderz
Dizzy Panderz 20 days ago
It’s not molten metal it’s actually a thing they did back then to prevent important places from being attacked where they boiled big vats of oil and poured it over the sides of the building
KalinaxBiss 21 day ago
This movie used to scare the fuck outta me when I was little 😬
TJDraws 22 days ago
I LOVE this movie but god I was laughing my ass off
JeremiahTheBlox 23 days ago
4:01 i see princess belle
Amy MacLachlan
Amy MacLachlan 24 days ago
This movie genuinely frightened me when I watched it and while hellfire is awesome the visuals scared me the most out of anything in this movie
Priscilla Jimenez
Priscilla Jimenez 24 days ago
I e only seen parts if this movie as a kid but now reading the lyrics of Frollos song, yeah he creepy and a straight up hypocrite
Priscilla Jimenez
Priscilla Jimenez 24 days ago
Pole dancing doesn't have to be stripping...
Robert Truong
Robert Truong 25 days ago
13:25 the F
MissLilRedRooster 25 days ago
I fully appreciate how much the comment section is dragging Jeremy for his inability to appreciate the amazing soundtrack. 👏
Broadway Brook
Broadway Brook 26 days ago
4:03 In the bottom center of the scene, there's Belle walking while reading a book. After all, miss, this is France
Aimee Marwood
Aimee Marwood 26 days ago
1😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Z
The only sin this movie has is the gargoyles
Emi Pellegrino
Emi Pellegrino 27 days ago
"Out There" is the BEST of the "I wanna be part of your world" songs !!!!!
Anakin SkyWalker
Anakin SkyWalker 28 days ago
This movie is surprisingly dark for a G-rating. Little known fact: It was almost rated PG, because of the dark themes and other stuff. Somehow it gained a G-rating instead. If released nowadays, it'd be rated PG, regardless of it being animated.
Anakin SkyWalker
Anakin SkyWalker 28 days ago
7:12 I watched this movie for the first time in 25 years (I saw it in theaters when I was six). I vaguely remembered this part. I had to pause it because I was laughing so hard.
LiirThropp 28 days ago
Alan Menken is a music genius and Jeremy's opinion sucks
Wendy Lou Who
Wendy Lou Who 28 days ago
I was impressed at your ability to avoid the obvious notre dame burned down / trump said to dump water on the burning inferno joke. Then you dissed the music. Other than the bastart Gargoyle song this movie has some of the best music Disney ever did 42 sins
Ironic Dutch Moonshade
Now do the sequel. It's aggressively bad. Or almost any other Disney sequel. Also aggressively bad.
KT Pinto
KT Pinto Month ago
Figured you wanted a non-music comment, so... Gypsies and Romani are not the same thing. Romani come from a specific location (Northern India/Southern Asia). Gypsies are nomads and not necessarily Romani.
leilani baby
leilani baby Month ago
normally i agree with you in these videos. but this is the best disney movie. how dare you?
FrozenMJ Month ago
“The music in this movie sucks” You broke the sin record for that.
Handsome Will
Handsome Will Month ago
The gargoyles are pretty much imaginary friends, because hunchback is just dark. A big reason Frollo took Quasimodo in is because he's a man of God. In the book it's out of pure piety and sympathy, but in the movie there's the added reasoning if being compelled to make up for his sin shown in the intro.
Gwyneth Cain
Gwyneth Cain Month ago
Did anyone catch the diss on phantom??? HURTFUL
ray wang
ray wang Month ago
LOL best movie to sin and every thing you say is right
HappyTomato Month ago
"The music sucks" It's fine. No need to get salty. Everyone can have his own opinion and personal taste. I also don't like half of his nonsense/illogical nitpicking yet I'm still watching.
Emi Hasumi
Emi Hasumi Month ago
The gargoyles are never explained, they're supposed to be implied. Quasi is completely alone up in the tower except for when Frollo visits him. He's unbearably lonely, and so imagines the gargoyles are real creatures that he can interact with since he has no actual living friends. I know there's a point or two where the movie tries to imply they really are real, and the sequel flat out shows they're real, but the sequel sucks so we don't take anything from it as canon. It's only redeeming quality is that Quasi gets himself a girlfriend by the end. Also, F you for saying the music in the movie sucks. Except for the Gargoyle song it is all absolutely amazing, and I'm not even remotely religious yet I still love Hellfire and God Help the Outcasts.
Big Brother
Big Brother Month ago
I agree with most of what he said but bells of Notre Dame is an absolutely amazing song
The Dragon Of Canada
13:16 YEET
♡sp0on♥ Month ago
I thought we all were children of God
Lacey Fisher
Lacey Fisher Month ago
Glorified strip club lol
SweetXtract Month ago
Those are not real movie sins...
mister clever
mister clever Month ago
I disliked because of the lack of taste in music
Anne of Cleves
Anne of Cleves Month ago
" the music in this movie sucks" You uncultured swine!
Sophia Mermaid
Sophia Mermaid Month ago
“The music in this movie sucks” um, WHAT?!?!?
Everyones Favorite Side Character
I’m glad everyone loves the music in this movie.
First_Name Last_Name
Music does suck, whole movie sucks actually
Pantheon System
Pantheon System Month ago
"Who hates Romani travellers?" The UK currently trying to make it okay for the police to arrest travellers for "causing suspicion", which is so vague it could be worded "existing" and it would make no difference:
Pantheon System
Pantheon System Month ago
"Who hates Romani travellers?" The UK currently trying to make it okay for the police to arrest travellers for "causing suspicion", which is so vague it could be worded "existing" and it would make no difference:
Sandrilyona Doe
Sandrilyona Doe Month ago
To me, Olaf is a lot more annoying than the gargoyles. Personal preference I guess. Also, music is bad? Seriously???
Frank Giunto
Frank Giunto Month ago
I get your job is to point out bad things in movies and that what I love about this channel. However, you have to give props to the singing (out there, hell fire, God help the outcasts). Also the art work is beautiful (exaggerated yes) but beautiful. *In geeky voice*- "The gargoyles are supposed to be in Quasimodo's imagination". I do agree with the melted iron/gold point though lol
Every Movie Hero
I appreciate that Billy Madison reference
Jerepasaurus Month ago
Jeremy, for SHAME! You should always subtract a sin for Tony Jay's voice acting. >:) Your rant at the end was fucking hilarious though.
No1atall Month ago
Sorry i just couldn’t stay subscribed after that comment about the music 😂
Alexis Guillen
Alexis Guillen Month ago
You're not alone about the lava thing. I don't think I was even six at the time and even then I was like, "what the fuck, where it all went?"
phanfinger Month ago
I still can't believe that Disney got a random nobody to sing for Esmeralda. They usually pick a popular broadway person but I guess since Esmeralda is a Romanian nobody, perhaps it's fitting. Also, why did the writer of this episode insinuate that The Phantom of the Opera has bad music? Excuse me. There's a reason why the show's been on Broadway for 30+ years.
Robert Waters
Robert Waters Month ago
Perfect Billy Madison reference near the end.
minkeyandzomble Month ago
I have been to Paris and your complaints about the pigeon behavior are misplaced. Paris Pigeons are closer to fucking seagulls. Those bastards will outright Mug you, shit on you, then scree your girlfriend while flipping you a middle finger. The movie got it closer.
Em Gurl
Em Gurl Month ago
How do you say that the music in Phantom is bad
Emma Lee Kuld
Emma Lee Kuld Month ago
4:02 ...did you see Belle?
Fray Bird
Fray Bird Month ago
Brittany Stack
Brittany Stack Month ago
THE MUSIC SUCKS?!?!?! I'm sorry sir, but the music in this film is beyond beautiful and so is the imagery and everything. I have spent most of my life reading about French culture and learning about it because this film sparked something in me when I was younger. I am being passionate about this film because it is one of the most underrated films Disney has EVER created. The crew spent so much time getting the details of the cathedral just right. Also, if you actually READ THE BOOK by Victor Hugo, Quasimodo dies in the end so of course Disney felt the need to keep him alive. Ughhh I waited a month to watch this and you still got under my skin. Congrats. I disliked this one and only video of yours. Don't be such a jerk and learn to appreciate art a little more.
Nicole Coakley
Nicole Coakley Month ago
When our kids were in elementary school and this movie had just come out on video my husband destroyed the tapes twice (I bought a second one a couple of years later) because he thought it was the worst kids movie we'd ever bought. In hindsight I realize he had a point and never bought it again. It was a truly awful family movie and not at all appropriate for young kids. What the he!! was I thinking?
Eric Whitney
Eric Whitney Month ago
Considering how much he hated this movie, I’m surprised it only got 120 sins. The gargoyles really don’t make sense since they are obviously real, but then how does Frollo never notice when they’re in different locations and positions?! I do like a lot about this movie, but I agree that gargoyle song and the finale are just downright dumb.
Kou Izumi
Kou Izumi Month ago
... ... ... ... ... The music in this movie...does NOT suck. Of all the things you've sinned, all the critiques you've made...THIS I cannot forgive. I know this is going to sound a bit ableist is me, having no hearing impairments to speak of, but did you HEAR the opening song??? That alone speaks for the whole movie! ... Admittedly, I may be a little biased, because they used to play almost the entirety of this soundtrack on Radio Disney when it first came out and, when you're a lonely 9-year-old girl, that stuff definitely hit different, but my point still stands.
ItzComicArmy Month ago
7:18 - 7:28 buildings needed a bunch of candles to light themselves without electricity, and people were in fact put in charge of lighting them
El Duque de Otoño
Frollo did nothing wrong.
Hannah Janssen
Hannah Janssen Month ago
This was the First movie to ever make me cry And the first movie I truly never wanted to see again. Mixed emotions... (Edit: I have found exactly 2 comments so far that aren’t about the „the music in this movie sucks“ comment 😂)
Krono Month ago
To all the people who said the music doesnt suck. Watch everything wrong with cinimasins and that will teach you that hate makes him stronger.
Claude Frollo
Claude Frollo Month ago
"This movie never explains why Frollo keeps Quasimodo in a bell tower" Were you... paying attention to the big dramatic opening music number? Like, at all? And no, it isn't just because he might be of use to him.
K P Month ago
13:17 I fucking lost it😂😂 Shame on you for saying the music sucks though
Y. Month ago
Me: guys don't take CinemaSins too literally, its just for entertainment Cinemasins: The Music Sucks Me: *pathetic*
Carson Casmirri
Carson Casmirri Month ago
Churches that can spew lava are pretty common in Warhammer 40K
stuppletrax Month ago
Some people in the comment section apparently never watched the first video on their channel that literally states that everything is based on an opinion. I mean I personally love music from Phantom of the Opera but.. Not gonna rage in the comments about it lul.
mikpxxi Month ago
He kept the baby bc he felt like he had to, not because he thought it would be useful
JSB Month ago
Based on no evidence I'm going to claim that this movie inspired Disney's Gargoyles animated series.
Funny Happy Studios
4:02 he didn't mention Belle or the Magic Carpet in this scene
Adriane Miller
Adriane Miller Month ago
I haven't seen this movie in so many years (to the point where I only remember character faces lolol) but this video here cracked me up so bad 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣(but simultaneously also, cuz of the subject matter of the movie, made me feel extra bad for laughing lolol)
Mads Padilla
Mads Padilla Month ago
Saying the music in this movie sucks is an instant dislike from me lol
Xxx Eli Studios
Xxx Eli Studios Month ago
Who else watches cinema sins to watch movies theyre too scared to watch alone?
Baboonballs Month ago
The movie wasn't very good but the guy that played Frollo was the best part of the movie exemplified by his Hellfire performance. Also, doesn't Quasi look kinda like the kid that killed Kokoum in Pocahontas? That guy was voiced by Christian Bale. Also, they aren't technically Gargoyles, they are Grotesques, to be a Gargoyle you have to channel water, and the fact that they are Grotesques actually fits the movie theme better.
jjbgood of lungbarrow
Ah. The movie that teach young kids, you cant be loved if youre ugly. seriously, my thought as a kid were "of course she doesnt love him, he is ugly as hell" - that was completly normal for me. well i guess its realistic, but not very kid friendly.
What is up my fellow Americans
Everybody's sinning cinemasins for saying the music is bad, but is nobody going to sin him for making a Billy Madison reference at the end?